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starting a well-earned rest week

It’s finally here… recovery week! And just in time! My legs feel well-worked, and I’m getting to that overly-tired-when-the-alarm beeps feeling. And I had 3 great weeks, being right on with my 16 mile run each week, a nice long bike each weekend, and quality and consistency during the week! Well this weekend was my…

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so *that’s* what I’ve been up to

Totals for the year to date: swimming: 115000 yds, 41:59:17 (avg pace 2:11/100yds — including resting between sets) biking: 1625.95 mi, 109:16:56 (avg pace ~15.1 mph) running: 329.33 mi, 53:59:12 (avg pace ~9:50) A few others as well (mtb, yoga, weights, core, etc) and my total workout time this year is 217 hours, 18 minutes!…

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