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I’m alive, I just haven’t posted lately. I was thinking about it as I drove to work today, and I average ~9 hours of work a day, 2 of driving, ~2-3 of working out and showering after all the workouts, ~6-7 of sleeping (gotta get better there), and about 2 of sitting on the couch (working, interneting, eating, chatting with friends online/phone, etc.). And then I realized I have no idea what I do with the other 1-3. Really… I have no idea. That’s really all I have done lately. And yes, I’m very happy 🙂 I’m lucky that a run or a bike counts as “time together” even if I only see Mike at the start and finish.

Actually, I’m very very happy with how things are right now. I have better self-image than in a long time. I have a wonderful boy, and I feel very loved. I think if all goes well I have a good chance at PRs in my B (Vineman 70.3) and A (IM KY) races this year. I’m enjoying all the training. I’m not feeling stressed. I am in the middle of figuring out details on applying for a Masters in GIS program that I’m interested in. I do miss some people I used to see more of, or talk to more, but we still talk some and we are not losing touch (and it’s not just my life that has caused the change).

(oh, and I had a wonderful birthday — the wonderful boy gave me something shiny and important and that I’ve been dreaming of… dura ace brakes for the PX! wooo!)

And now the stats part for a few “fun” workouts:

  • last 2 long bike rides: 117mi @ 16.7mph, 103 mi @ 17.9mph
  • last 2 long runs: 20.1 mi @ 10:06/mi (in the heat of day on the 4th), 20.2 @ 9:18/mi (this am!)
  • Swam a 1:35/100yds (pulling) last night! Super fast for me, and it felt pretty relaxed and easy!
  • Ran over 8mi at a 8:49 pace!

And since I mentioned it, why do I think I can PR? Well, for IM KY I just feel stronger than ever, I’m running and biking faster, and swimming faster and easier. I’d never really done 100+ mile training rides, and since May of this year I’ve done 7, and 6 were over 112 (and one over 120!). I’d never been this smart and consistent with running — I’ve got a number of smartly built up to 16, 18, and 20 milers under my belt. So here’s hoping for a sub-13:49 (for a PR) and hopefully it will be a good amt sub that!

For Vineman it’s mostly because all the IM mileage, and another little factor: I’ve only ever done one half IM! And I was definitely in different shape then, as it was my 4th tri ever. My half PR? 7:18. Yes, you are reading right. More than half of my IM PR time 😉

Yup, life is good. And my lunch today is packed in a bag I often use for all my swimgear. ‘Cause I was hungry. And I’m eating pita chips and humus and it’s good, too!

6 thoughts on “still movin’

Wow! you have done some Epic training in prep for IM LOU!!! You are gonna kick Butt! Good luck in Vineman!

Happy belated birthday. I’m so glad that things are so great for you. What a difference a year makes, huh? Just imagine if you hadn’t gone to that barbecue! Good luck with Vineman. Say hi to your family for me. I bet the munchkins have been sprouting like gangbusters. 🙂

wow! your post totally conveys how happy you are right now!! that’s so awesome. and a very happy birthday to you!!

I’m happy to hear that YOU are happy. There was a time that some instability with moving, job etc. was freakin’ you out. Keep up the great work K. Btw, jealous about the Dura Ace. But good for you!

Glad you are happy!!! You almost got me there for a moment with that “something shiny” I almost opened a virtual bottle of champagne and made a toast for you. But hey DURA ACE brakes are much better (i think) you know rings only give you extra weight.

You will rock IMKY I just know it!

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