starting a well-earned rest week

It’s finally here… recovery week! And just in time! My legs feel well-worked, and I’m getting to that overly-tired-when-the-alarm beeps feeling. And I had 3 great weeks, being right on with my 16 mile run each week, a nice long bike each weekend, and quality and consistency during the week! Well this weekend was my longest bike ride ever: 115 miles, and again I smoked it (17.4 mph avg!!)! Although I was trying to chill through it since my legs were heavy going in. Oh well they get this week to recover 🙂

I’ve been doing great on the food front — lots of good meals this last week. Any time when my recent past includes sushi, tilapi, steak, pesto, spinich & crasin salads, and ice cream have to have been good!

And I am tired this week, and in need of some strenuous doses of ice and rest, with a bike or swim, and maybe another easy run, thrown into the mix.

5 thoughts on “starting a well-earned rest week

Awesome. You sound upbeat! Enjoy as much as you can your rest week, you deserve it!

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