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still alive and playin’

I know it has been a bit of a break from tri posts, but I’ve been riding and swimming as much as (maybe more than, with swimming) ever. It’s just been with less of a goal or focus. With an eye on enjoying it, and staying in shape and happy. Mike and I took our…

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tapering thoughts

I typed the title, and then read it not as “thoughts about tapering” but that my thoughts themselves are tapering off. I figured it works, given how sucky I have been about maintaining my online personality lately. Sorry, I’ll be back more reliably someday. However, it is taper time. And I’m finding it hard to…

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heat, motorcycles, and a bear… oh my!

Well Saturday was a long, hot, adventurous cycling day. I had planned to ride a bit before the group ride at 7:30, but sleeping was nice so didn’t make it. Still had 80-100 miles to get in though, so I knew I’d end up extending the group ride. But when I got to the group…

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