almost a complete slacker

I haven’t been blogging, and have only ran about 2 miles this month. I have swam… 3ish times. But I’ve been on the bike! And that is going really really well!
I did a test ride of the main loop for Vineman, and it went great… I parked at the school where it ends, rode to the start, did the loop, and then rode the run course. A bit over 80 miles for the day, and at 16.4 mph average. Very good for me. Looks like the biking improvement is for real, and wasn’t just a good day or a few good days in a row! I’m stoked about that!

I’m going to test out the knee again soon (and the foot). Part of me wants to get a pair of new running shoes first, knowing that all of mine are fairly old. And yes, part of me is worried that with 8 weeks, 2 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes, and 18 seconds until my race starts that my run, my strongest part, just won’t be there. But I’m hoping. I may get the foot/knee checked out soon, but again am not sure. I will be fine… I will be fine… I will be fine. I know I can do the run distance in lots of pain (my first marathon included a few miles of not being able to bend my leg with ITB issues), and I know I can do an IM. Hey I’ve always raced a significant portion of my races on pure guts… why stop now?

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You are tough, that’s cool. Go for it ya hooo. Triathletes with injuries unite! We should have an invilid tri with triathletes that have injuries. Let’s see who wins hehehe. Just think now after that ride, you can dream/nightmare about the courses hehehe.

oh I’m sure all my nightmares of the course will come from driving it over xmas with my mom… as parts of it were flooded, and in pouring rain, and my mom saying how she’d picture me swimming the bike course carrying my bike come raceday.

Or maybe of that hill at mile 45 and 101…

You are tough for sure!

Get the new shoes. That alone will get you back out running. You are following the new pair/500 miles rule right? I know once my shoes get over 500 miles I can feel it in the knees.

45 and 101, huh? I don’t want to know!!! I’m not listening…la, la, la. 😛

Ditto for the new shoes. They make you get out there cuz there all shiny and clean and then when they aren’t, it’s just as satisfying. But you’ve definitely got the guts for it. 🙂

I’m working on following the 500mi rule… I just am not very good at it. The current good pair is from… umm…. Octoberish? I’m bad. Guess I’ll check out the running place in town (I have a gift cert for an online place but I’m impatient!

And Lisa — the hill is not super long or super bad… it’s mostly just the place in the race that it is that makes it bad. I linked to a course profile in the post if you care to see it 🙂

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