woah there… hott damn!

It was a great weekend. Not only was Monday off, but after a crazy week at work I had much of Friday off as well.

Friday I went for a ride. Planned to be gone about 2 hours. I knew I was going to stop at the LBS (squeaky pedal), but figured I could still get about 1 – 1.5 hours in. Left about an hour or so later than planned (work distracted me). Then only got in about 30 min… because the bike shop boys distracted me. I ended up talking with them for about 1.5 hours. All good though… ended up with getting the Park Tools bike maintenance book later that evening, and then some hanging out (note: fireworks and alcohol and sword fights = bad combo).

Got home Saturday morning at about 2 am! The shop ride was at 7:30, and I still wanted to make it. Of course, that meant I couldn’t fall asleep… but made it to sleep by 2:30 or 3ish, and up at 5:30 so that I could get to the ride. It was a good ride — we road the San Gabriel Dam Recreation area, and it was one of my faster rides of that ride. Just over 2000 ft of climbing, 36 miles, and 2:16 total time (a few stops to regroup). An average moving speed of 16.5 mph!! That’s flyin’ for me!

A bit tired after those 36 miles, I got a drink and ate a fruit leather at the LBS, then back on the bike to get in some more miles for the day. After another 16 miles (in just over an hour — 15.4 mph with 1000 ft of climbing), I returned to the shop, threw on my running shoes, and went for an 8 mile brick run. The knee started aching a bit around mile 3, and was definitely starting to be unhappy by mile 7, but as it was an out and back I just finished it up and went home for some ice. Still was a good run — took 1:19 with an average pace of 9:35/mi, under the perfect-day-dream-goal for the IM! Sweet! The bike ride home after that (4.5 miles) was nice and easy, and it felt good to spin the legs.

Sunday I again was up early, and off to the beach with my kayak! A friend and I took it out for just over 40 minutes minutes, and about 2 miles of paddling. We stopped for a while though — a sea lion was hitting fish, making them fly up above the surface of the water and panic, and was laughing and torturing them for fun. A pelican (the fatest one ever… it was decided he could eat me and I’d fit in his stomach) and a few seagulls watched with us. Then the sea lion tired of it, and became our guide through the water for a bit.

Monday was also set to be a good day — the LBS beach ride and swim (with Lisa and a bunch of others). It starts the same as the dam ride, and then drops off the dam and onto a bike path that has no lights, street crossings, or anything for about 30 miles to the beach! It does have some tunnels and tricky corners, and some tricky pedestrians, dogs, and kids, but it is possible to fly down it. I later hear the very lead guys were going 26mph much of the ride, and over 30 at times! It is a slight downhill (2400 ft elevation loss and only 1400 of gain), but still! I was thrilled with my ride… I was feeling strong, and after chatting a bit during the ride to the bike path, I decided to push it a bit and see what I could do. I found myself alone for about 10 miles, but flying and it felt easy! I started my watch late by a few miles, but at the end had 2:32 minutes of moving time for just under 46 miles… for an average of 18.6 mph!!!!! And I thought I was flyin’ Saturday! Wooooo! That’s my fastest average EVAR!!! On any length of ride 😀

I shocked myself and actually caught up to the front group at one of their regroup points! Of course they immediately dropped me once moving again (which was right as I got there) but Scott stayed with me and told me to jump on his wheel. We held about 19-20 mph the rest of the way to the beach (when not dodging other bikers and dogs). I just felt strong and comfortable in aerobars pretty much the whole day. I got to the beach… and was the first girl to do so! Wooo! I figure that’s all the rides I’ve done with the strong LBS guys most weekends paying off. They make me push it, and I think it has helped. I mean, really… my average is often just around 15 mph… and check out the *2* yes *2* 50 milers I did over the weekend — one at 16.2 mph (and enough left to run hard and then feel worn out) and the other at 18.6 (and left feeling energized and ready for the day, tons left to give)!!!

35 minute ocean swim once at the beach. The water was so nice I didn’t want a wetsuit, but wore it for the practice. At least I got my non-wetsuit water time with the kayak the day before. Drove back, ate pizza, stayed at the LBS chatting ’til one of the strongest guys, Mike, who rode both ways AND ADDED ON ANOTHER 25 MILES got back. And what miles did he add? Oh, he added climbing GMR, among other things… which is one of the toughest climbs in the area that I’ve done. Dang he is strong (and cute, of course… aren’t all biker boys??).

I went home soon after that, and read and slept on the couch for most of the rest of the day. I’d say the weekend was a good one!

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Great weekend Kylie. I never get out of there quick either. It’s too tempting to stay in there. 🙂 I can’t believe you had two late nights/early rides this weekend and still did so well on them. I’d a been asleep on the bike for sure. And yes, I agree, all biker boys ARE cute. 😉

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