still alive and playin’

I know it has been a bit of a break from tri posts, but I’ve been riding and swimming as much as (maybe more than, with swimming) ever. It’s just been with less of a goal or focus. With an eye on enjoying it, and staying in shape and happy.

Mike and I took our bikes out to Red Rock Canyon by Vegas last weekend. Only road about 15 miles (I was definitely having a heavy legs day), but then we took a fun little hike and played on the rocks. It was beautiful and fun and great! Here’s a pic from during our hike:

And then we went to the Treasure Island Wedding Chappel! Where we watched my cousin get married 😛

(kinda blurry… oh well).

Before we headed out to Vegas I also got in a ride on the mtn bike, which also rocked! And tonight I’m somewhat craving a run, although I work until 7.

But I’m about ready to find a new goal… I am going to (again) pass on the “post Ironman guess I’ll do a 50k and then 50 miler” feeling. My foot was acting up a bit, and now I’m not in the same running shape. To avoid pushing my foot back to sore I’m going to just up the running slowly, starting again.

I’d love to do Baja Travesia 2007. I’m working on the team for it already, and hopefully something will play out there. Or will it be another IM next year? Or maybe a cyclocross or mountain bike race? Perhaps I will get involved with Girls on the Run, or something similar, which I’ve thought about for a while. So many fun options, but I really do want to find a focus or a goal. As much as I like training for fun, I like having a bigger purpose helping me!

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Yeah for fun w/ Mike. You two are a good fit and I’m happy that you guys are working out so great.

I also like goals and focusing. Usually it helps. 🙂 And helping someone discover the thing you love reminds you why you love it in the first place. Girls on the Run is a great idea.

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