tapering thoughts

I typed the title, and then read it not as “thoughts about tapering” but that my thoughts themselves are tapering off. I figured it works, given how sucky I have been about maintaining my online personality lately. Sorry, I’ll be back more reliably someday.

However, it is taper time. And I’m finding it hard to just get motivated enough to do the taper workouts :-/ It’s like part of me knows that there is more harm than good to be done right now, and while I could get up the motivation for a multihour ride or run, the shorter ones are harder. I know, I know… intensity matters now, not endurance. Tell that to my brain — it’s clearly ignoring me.

My left knee is again sore and swollen. I forget to ice it after one run (ok, or maybe I was just in too much of a hurry) and it feels fairly gross. Oops. I’ve been good since though!

This weekend was pretty good… got in a 50 miler (part with Lisa) and a 20 min brick run that went ok. I still don’t feel I have the same run speed as I used to. A project for another time though. I did that day in the outfit planned for Vineman (man that makes me feeling girly even though it’s often guys on here saying not to try something new at the races). Trifuel top and PI tri shorts… some special ride like a girl socks given to me at my last IM, and feetures wonderful runnign socks on the run. Oh yeah, and the dark purple sports bra. ‘Cause I know you were wondering. I’m not a huge fan of the pockets on the Trifuel top and the zipper bounces a litte on the run (sometimes the noise gets to me) (and sorry Paul — it’s not your fault) but neither of those is enough to overcome my pride in being a part of the site so I’ll deal 😉

I also got new running shoes for Vineman! Woo! I have this bad pattern going of having a few pairs and rotating them, but then they all die at about the same time. That time was a few months ago, and I tried to fake a replacement with just one new pair, and not using the others as much, but have given in. In June I added 3 new pairs (2 trail and one lightweight street one). I’d wanted a good street one for Vineman, but the store didn’t have one I loved, so I waited. Found a pair this weekend though, and have done a 6 miler in them. I’m pretty happy with them.

I also have new cycling shoes… are those something I should change out before Vineman? Anyone, anyone? They are the exact same model and size as what I ride in now. Just less beat up. I just don’t know if there are any guidelines on breaking in cycling shoes!

Haha… and goggles. I need to remember to get goggles, since mine have started being less reliable.

When it rains it pours I guess… and that happening with gear issues is gonna make me poor…

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