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It’s that time… when not only is there an ended month to look at the numbers from, but also an ended year!

I’ll start off the good news with my December GPS totals (bike and run only for now, as the swim ones are not in the GPS log). This includes all my biking and running last month:


activity miles total time elevation gain avg speed/pace
road biking 443.16 miles 31:51:32 22,950 ft 13.2 mph
street running 49.09 8:56:51 2900 ft 10:53 pace
trail running 11.89 2:31:53 3400 ft 12:48 pace

My biggest pre-12/06 road bike month ever? 6/06 426.74 miles. And next biggest month was 11/06 with 398.75 road miles (which also had 51.77 miles of mtn biking). So not the biggest bike month ever, but the biggest road one!

And now for 2006!

activity miles total time elevation gain avg speed/pace
road biking 3,804.85 275:51:56 197,428 ft 14.0 mph
mountain biking* 267.86 35:41:17 30,343 8.1 mph
street running 585.79 106:56:47 35,618 ft 10:36 pace
trail running* 20.12 4:19:41 4,373 12:50 pace
track running 12.28 2:07:08 1055 10:55 pace

* these don’t include adventure races since GPS is not allowed at them.

And let’s compare that to 2005:

activity miles total time elevation gain avg speed/pace
road biking 1,372.21 114:29:19 75,565 ft 12.9 mph
mountain biking* 153.17 22:25:12 18,746 ft 9.0 mph
street running 549.11 93:15:34 70,787 ft 9:48 pace
trail running* 124.72 22:13:48 24,276 ft 10:34 pace
track running 22.28 3:25:05 2270 ft 9:13 pace

Things I learn from these numbers:

  • I need to run more hills and not do only steady longer runs (like I did in much of 2006). It doesn’t work for me, and my running speed suffered. Yes, there was also an injury that contributed to that, but I need more elevation in training runs.
  • I almost tripled my road biking! And increased my avg speed by a decent amount! Wooooo! However, after being a bit surprised how low the average speed is, I looked at that is total, not moving speed. So it counts rest stops on group rides, lights, etc. At some point I hope to get the moving averages, but it will be a bit so I figured I’d just post this for now.
  • I counted more things as trail running in 05 than in 06, when it had to be at least somewhat technical or hilly or harder for being loose, etc in order to count. In 05 I also counted a few commutes on a mtn bike as mtn biking, so that brought up the average speed there.

3 thoughts on “training stats & PRs

Wow some really impresive numbers there. Quite the distances you covered. I haven’t tabulated my distances yet but then agan I was pretty much just doing biking, only started to do running this November.

2007 is going to be a great year, so much potential.

Have fun.

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