how many days?

I just read a post from an IMWI person, talking about how 100 days to go. Umm… wait. 100 til WI?? Uhh… that means Aug 12th is even closer… AAAAHHHH. A bit of panic set in.

Injuries and aches please go away
I don’t have time for you now.
Runs, bikes, and swims are waiting
to make me stronger
Some will be off-days, but all will be “I tried” days
now to get with it….
74 days to the test.

4 thoughts on “how many days?

Aaaahhhh!!! Is that all we have left. I thought I had more time! I hear ya. Happy Vineman training! 🙂

Hehehe, reality sucks eh? I hear ya about the pains and sches though (duh!). Ya it’s only 14weeks. No biggie you should be on the climb to increasing the distance and max out at like 8-12wks before. Good luck with it!!

I can relate….I’m doing IMLP and I have a little countdown clock on my desktop. It seemed like it was at 100+ days for the longest time. All of a sudden it says 53 and I have no idea how it got there so quickly! Good Luck!

Well try not to stress too much about it, (easier said than done) and just concentrate on the training and on reaching your goal.
As the saying goes, “Keep your eye on the ball.” and everything will fall into place and you will be ready for it.

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