Have I really not updated since May??? That’s kinda crazy. But then again, life has been, too. Still training and in big weeks right now. And work had its biggest week of the year (ok one of them).

So what is new…

I’m having some tendinitis issues in my left foot. Icing and ultrasounding and wrapping like crazy. Took a couple easier run weeks. It’s mostly better now, but still sore by the end of the run today (15 mi). Sore enough that Mike drove me the last half mile having passed me and knowing it would be smart to go get me. We’ve changed my training plan already since my body hasn’t been too happy with the current 3 weeks of LOONG runs, one shorter, lather rinse repeat. Instead I’ll be doing LOONG, long, LOONG, shorter. Basically I was doing 3 weeks at 16 (in May), 18 (in June), and 20 (in July) before an easy week. Now I’ll be doing the target distance of the month only twice, with the middle of the three weeks at 13-16 miles.

Pace-wise for the run I’m happy. I seem to be living around a 9:10-9:30 average, which is better for me! And heat training has started. It’s still in the “hard” phase.

I’m definitely feeling more confident on the bike now. I’ve been getting in serious miles on the weekends. I have a new longest ride ever! Just a bit over 120 miles on June 10th, and at 16.3mph! Awesome… as I used to always average about 15 🙂 And then I did the same loop, but with out the 5 mile add-on at the end, for 115 miles at 16.7 this last weekend! Wooo!

Looking at some stats, it appears I’ve done 8 rides over 100 miles this year (and 4 of them were over 112 miles!). Let’s compare that to a single ride in 2006 (Vineman) and 2 in 2005 (a century and IM AZ). Yup, I’d say I’m better prepared for IM KY 😉

Moving on to the swim — feeling better here as well. With the foot I’ve been doing a lot of pulling (the kicking seems to really piss off the tendon). And my avg speed there is getting MUCH better, too! I used to hit 2 min/100 yds too consistently: independant of the set length, etc. Now I actually have multiple speeds! And last night I did 3 sets of 3 100s for speed, and I hit all the times! One set at 1:50/100yd, one at 1:46/100yd, and then 1:41/100yd (all pulling, but no paddles). I’m pleased 🙂

4 thoughts on “wow…

Getting stronger ehh? Congratulations.
You will rock that IM. After all it is YOUR IM, IM KY!!!!

Sorry to hear about your foot. My wife is also having issues in her left leg we are hoping she heals with enough time before our A race.

You are doing great. Keep at it and don’t go to hard just yet, let the foot heal, but you know that already.

You are gona rock at IM.

You’ve clearly put in a lot of hard work so far. Just keep it consistent and don’t push your body too hard to add to the stress already placed on it. You seem to be at the point in your training where you are comfortable with the distances at each discipline and your pace. Keep rockin it and the race will be cake!

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