the rest of the weekend

It was a good weekend, but man am I tired!

Got in over 162 miles of biking last week, and my biggest week ever was 163! And of those 162, a Saturday 35 mile ride involved 39 MPH headwind (up at the girls weekend), and a Sunday 75 mile ride involved rain (back down here and out through Rancho Cucamonga). Just keep pedaling…

Also got in 5 days of running last week, for a total of about 28 1/2 miles, which is also a pretty big week for me — 7th biggest ever, it looks like.

Swam this morning. It started off a bit rough. I just wasn’t feeling it, and was just going through motions. My mind wasn’t in it. Zoned out even more and started the main set: 6 repeats of 100 yards on 2min 10 sec, with the second 50 of each faster than the first 50. Well suddenly I noticed my time was about 1:55 on these! I’m usually around 2 min/100, so that was good. Then I got to the next part of the main set: 6 repeats of 100 yards on 2min 10 sec with each 100 faster than the one before it. Well the first one was on 1:54 and I thought I was in for trouble hitting faster and faster times, but I did it! 1:54, 1:53, 1:50, 1:47, 1:45, 1:41… so basically I was able to do faster than my goal IM pace (1:49), and I never felt like I was going too crazy fast (except on that last one).

Had a pretty cool Saturday evening. I was up at the ST gal thing still (I ended up leaving that night as I just needed to sleep in my own bed and by my own boy) and ended up meeting Mike part way there to get the bike case from a girl who had gone up through my house but found another ride down the next day. I mentioned I was going to do a bike fit with Dan that evening, and so he ended up coming back up with me. Dan is sort of THE bike fitter. He designed the main certification for fitting triathlon bikes, and was a huge part of developing tri bikes in the first place! So this was definitely a cool treat (and Mike hopes to take his class, so wanted to see him in action)! Since he was busy this weekend, he was only going to do a 10 minute “no foreplay, no cuddling” fit (it can take 2-3 hours for a first round). But he loves his work, and we got in a groove, and an hour and a half later we were wrapping up! And my bike already feels much better, and I have a few adjustments left to do on it (getting a different stem, for one). Man I’m lucky I was able to do that.

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