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Sometimes I have a day where I feel great. All day I plan what workout I’m going to do, and where. And I’m just itching to do it.

Yesterday was one of those days, and so the evening run became the week’s long run (it’s usually Weds morning but had been moved to Thurs morning due to shoes being at the other house… and then the Weds night since it was TIME). 12 miles. Not at quite my “it’s base so let’s go easy” pace but just pushing a little bit to see what I could do. Well I impressed me 🙂

So here it is: 12 miles in 1:53:53. 9:30 pace. 715 ft of climbing and of descent. Avg HR 162

Not super speedy, you might say. Until you look at last week, when I was really keeping it at what felt nice and easy for the first part and pushed a bit on the second half: 11 miles in 1:52:45. 10:11 pace. 570 ft of climbing and descent. Avg HR 162

Well damn! Same HR, and this week one more minute = one more mile! And the route this week was tricker too — and included running a bit of dark trail. And an owl, 2 bunnies, a coyote, and lots of birdies 🙂 I did something right… maybe it was the good eating and the sleep (although not good sleep, better than last week).

I’ll take it.

3 thoughts on “pushing me

Are you sure it wasn´t just some weird WB efect for having a coyote near?

It´s always those days that keep me training….when you see the improvements.

hahaha… yeah there was definitely a minute of faster pace when I turned the corner and saw the coyote… but that part was of course on a big uphill and sent the HR up, too 😉

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