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frozen fish

I smell like chlorine. The lifeguard laughed at me this morning when I ran from the locker room to the pool toys, grabbed a pull buoy, and ran to the edge of the pool where I immediately sat down and put my feet in the water. The pool deck was so cold it hurt. But…

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hott damn!

Well… yesterday was good. Did a hill bike workout (not much of a hill, but repeats of the incline at least) and it felt pretty good. Then worked alllllll day. And then to the gym around 6. Sat in the parking lot on the phone for an hour — trying to figure out how to…

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After all the improvement I was feeling on the bike and in brick runs this weekend, I’m happy to say the feeling carried into the pool. Sunday I ended up joining the fitness center with the pool where the race was (it’s near where I work and a great pool). I went this morning for…

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