mmm chlorine…

Good thing I like the smell of chlorine and find it calming and nice… ’cause there is not much like a 4000yd swim as the sun comes up!

At the start the sky was dark and the pool a glowing turquiose. Each lap the pool glowed less, its light was a bit less glaring, and the sky a bit warmer. When I got out the sun was up and a beautiful blue sky was above.

Last night ended up swimming and going to a swim masters program meeting — Drayson Center is starting a program. This morning was the first practice, so I decided I should show up. It just meant not quite enough sleep (with being in Monrovia last night, but the extra drive time is worth it)… and that I’m hungry. At least I stopped at Chipotle last night so I have half a burrito (easier to eat while driving) left for lunch. So now… lunch time! 🙂 I think breakfast will come second today.

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