runnin’ in the rain

Yesterday was an awesome run — I just needed to get back out there. Yes, it was a bit wet. Ok, it was pouring (for reference for those of you near me, I ran from around 4:15-5:45 last night). But it was somewhat less raining for part of the run! And it was going to be about 40-50 min, and turned into 1:30 since it was just a comfy day. Ok, I did get a blister or 2 (no socks since I figured they’d just get soaked, and since it was supposed to be such a short run). But it felt great to be out there. GPS ziplock baggied in my pocket, so I could hear beeps for HeartRate but not really focus on my pace, and I really wanted to stay low HR without temptation of a better average speed by pushing it. Got in about 8 miles (GPS has some signal issues with all the clouds and my pocket).

The couch was tooooo comfy last night, so I stayed there. I think that’s the first time in the new place that I just didn’t bother to make it to my room. I think part of me just wanted to be far from alarm clocks and not tempted to use one. I still woke up at 4:15, decided that was crazy-talk, and slept til 6:15. I probably would have had one set for around 5, so this meant a shortened swim of just 1500 yds (instead of 2000-3000), and getting to work a bit later than planned, but that’s ok. This is my easy week of the month, and I can finish up some work stuff after I teach tonight — or maybe I’ll finally find a way to do some easy spinning on the trainer while at the computer 😉

I do love the sound of rain.

4 thoughts on “runnin’ in the rain

I can verify that! Since I was riding home about the same time. Great run! I like running in the rain too. See you tomorrow. 🙂

I’ll be there hopefully swimming at 5:15-6:30 (train leaves at 7:09ish so I want to be at the station around 7, and giving time to bike there since I’m not sure how long it will take — 1.5 miles but there are lights — of course, that’s if it’s not raining since I’m a wuss about rain bike commuting so far).

You guys are crazy. Come here and you will be able to run, bike, swim walk, eat, breath……. in the rain for >6months of the year! I’ll go down there.

*grin* I love the sound of rain. And it’s less the riding in the rain that scares me than how bad the roads are and how bad the drivers are!! Maybe if it rained more they would know how to not hit me in it…

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