After all the improvement I was feeling on the bike and in brick runs this weekend, I’m happy to say the feeling carried into the pool.

Sunday I ended up joining the fitness center with the pool where the race was (it’s near where I work and a great pool). I went this morning for my first swim there (6×500). I start swimming, and feel like I’m flying, and my times showed it. In fact, flying to where after the first few laps I thought it was 3 lengths to 50m! I actually ended up asking the lady who was running some lessons and workouts there. Turns out it is a 25yd pool, just like the one I often swim in. Maybe part of it was remember how fast and smooth the race swim was, and part it being outdoors, which I love, but wooo! All my 500s were on 10 min or less (which is great for me).

As a bonus, this pool isn’t so chemically that my mouth is numb (like often happens after I swim at the Upland pool).

4 thoughts on “wooo!

I don’t think it’s as bad as it used to be, but it definitely leaves a metallicy lingeringness for me too.

Wooo for the speedy swimmer! You fish, you. 🙂

It almost feels like you’re “swimming downhill” eh? Isn’t that such a neat feeling?… like you just glide though the water, so effortlessly! Good on ya.

Congrats on the race too!

cheers 🙂

Long time no see, I was wondering where your blog went hehe. I like that expression, “swimming downhill” had a little laugh there. Nice swim, keep it UP!!!

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