frozen fish

I smell like chlorine. The lifeguard laughed at me this morning when I ran from the locker room to the pool toys, grabbed a pull buoy, and ran to the edge of the pool where I immediately sat down and put my feet in the water. The pool deck was so cold it hurt. But the water was nice (the sign claimed 80 degrees, but it claimed that Monday, too, and the whole board looked unchanged). And there was steam comming off the water. I jumped in, and right into my set. The arm that was in recovery freezing with each stroke for the warmup, but soon I was in a rhythm. 2100 yards later I climbed out, returned the pool buoy, and walked to the locker room. By the time I was there I was wishing I had ran as my feet had frozen. And the warm shower was hard to leave.

No really, it’s cold here today! There was even ice on my windshield!! I think that’s the first time EV4R for me while living in Southern CA.

stats: 300 warm up, 500 swim (10:09), 500 pull (9:35), 500 swim (10:11), 300 cooldown. 2100 yds total, 45 minutes.

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See that’s the thing about the cold, it gets down to your bones!

I used the backpack for the first time last night and I love it. It’s very roomy but structured. Lots of pockets for storing stuff. I noticed cars slowing down as they went by me. I think because the light is a weird bluish color and it’s high on the backpack. Cars aren’t sure what I am. One of my coworkers is going to follow me out in the dark tonight so she can give me her take on it’s glowiness.

No, it doesn’t have any for those but it didn’t move around on me. I also forgot to mention that it has a rechargeable battery pack for the lights that’s in one of the shoulder straps. It’s not heavy though.

It’s 17 at the moment in KC while we wait on this big snow store we’re suppose to get. Now that’s cold. Hey nice swim though. That’s a good amount of yardage in 45 minutes. I wish the pool here at 24hr was warm like that. Seems like its always a bit on the cold side.

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