feelin’ good

I’m feeling good today. It’s a bit odd, but I do. Got to sleep in, as I worked til midnight last night (it was just one of those projects where I worked, took a break while I taught some kids, and then got dragged back into it by my brain late last night). Then I took advantage of the beautiful day and got ready to go run. I could feel my knee aching almost before I was off the block. I decided to at least give it a real test, since sometimes I’m a bit sore starting but then good. Picked a mile and a quarter loop, and about 3/4 of the way in I knew it was just not a good day to run. I didn’t want a repeat of Monday, where I could barely (ok not really at all) walk!

Stopped at home, grabbed the bike. Didn’t feel like dealing with all the details of prep, so just me and a helmet and some water left in my aerobottle from the weekend, and off pedaling. Did 5ish miles out and back along a nice wide road. A few too many lights that time of day, but the weather was perfect! Oh, and for some reason my back tire was not staying in place well. I stopped and realigned it once (it looked like just barely uphill or flat, and at just over 12 mph I was working hard… I thought something had to be wrong!). When I got home, it was again rubbing.

But I enjoyed the ride. Smiled at people getting their days started, and just had bike time. I felt great on energy (one of my worries with the less carb diets) and no stomach discomfort (even with a new pre-workout snack: apple sauce with protein powder — from the Paleo for Athletes book which I got last night).

In the end, I was about 40 minutes late to work (leaving late and traffic didn’t help). But I feel good. It was a good morning, and I just moved. It wasn’t a workout from my IM schedule, but just the ones that felt right. And tonight I get to drive up the mountain and get my mtn bike back from Big Bear! I wonder if it has missed me as much as I miss it…

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