huh. [pool operation rant]

I guess I should be glad the pool is closed for health reasons, as opposed to letting people swim in it while it’s unsafe. However, I’d me more happy if they could figure out how to get the chlorine levels right. I mean, really. How many pools does 24 Hour Fitness operate? How long have they been doing so? How hard is it people?

Oh, and I think it might make me a bit more worried that it was closed Monday night, open Tuesday morning, and then closed again. Their reason? They health inspector came and checked and the levels were still no good so they had to reclose it. HUH?? Why did the open it again before it was checked?? (sorry Lisa… maybe you didn’t want to know that part).

And couldn’t they at least post a sign on the door (not just under the counter edge where I saw it when I checked for one on the way out) instead of just on the entrance to the pool from the locker room (I’m already changed at that point) or the pool handle (I hope everyone is changed by the time they get there). However, it didn’t stop me today… just made me drive another 10 or 15 minutes to the next pool down the road, where there is usually a line. But there wasn’t and I got in my whole set (although their pool will be closed for an hour or so this evening)!

500 warmup, 10×100 (20 sec rest), 500 cooldown. All the 100s were between 1:50 and 1:56 (the final was 1:50! woo!). And felt fast, but comfy. It was a day of practicing “climbing the ladder” on the bottom of the pool (to get better pull).
(oh and Lisa did run on a treadmill today… I saw her! hehe)

(oh and sidenote: 24 with shift pressed = @$ and the start of @$$y… the things you learn typing 24 Hour Fitness and hitting shift for the H too early)

2 thoughts on “huh. [pool operation rant]

Spying on me! He he. Yeah, I saw the sign today but didn’t ask a whole lot of questions. I’m feeling okay so hopefully it wasn’t too bad yesterday. Aack!!

But I’m glad you got a good swim in at the RC pool. 🙂

Ya know they should put a die in the pool that shows up when someone pees, that will catch MANY MANY people! Then the health thing will be less and less. Have a great Easter.

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