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Yesterday I worked from home to take care of tires and such for my car, and had noticed a few days ago a few browned bananas on the fridge. Ok, so this isn’t the purely training part of this post yet, but it was yummy! I baked them into a yummy healthy banana bread! I found the recipe in one of Holly’s cookbooks, and we had all the ingredients and it was fun and easy! I think our oven runs a bit hot, but I still think it turned out pretty well. Mmmm I’ve eatten tons of it! There is only like a quarter of the loaf left already (s’ok, with the ingredient substitutions and additions I made (yogurt butter spread and adding walnuts) it is only 2727 cals for the whole loaf.

Alice (who is at my old college) is borrowing Holly’s car, and last night Mike and I dropped it off (along with a slice of banana bread) and then ran home, weaving about to get in about 5 miles. It was a nice run. I am enjoying running at night while all the xmas lights are up and on. Makes for some pretty viewing, which makes running at an easy pace easier mentally.

This AM it was up and to the pool! Swimming is starting to feel a bit better again, and mentally it was easier to get there today. Got in 3000 yds in 65 min (250 warmup, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 250 cooldown – resting about 30 sec between). mmm cholorine!

And tonight: riding to Mike and going out to dinner with some friends of his. Should be fun!

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I’ve been thinking the same thing about the lights on the rides and runs. Last night, I went lookinf for houses I hadn’t seen yet.

It’s not really very nice of you to share about the banana bread when we can’t have any!!! 😛 Have fun tonight!

*grin* I’ll share the banana bread when we have the trifuel party… I figured enough trifuelers out there have brown bananas I could have to make it 😉

And I would share some of this batch if it wasn’t already just about gone!

Oh yes you are! I like my bananas how the texture is when they are still just a bit green. By keeping them in the fridge the outside will brown more, but the inside stays firm longer. Otherwise I’d have to buy them about every other day to keep the ripeness I like since they ripen so quickly on the counter. 🙂

Oh, and the ones I saw were *on* the fridge. As in, I’d moved them out of the fridge already since they were too ripe for me. One of my roomies likes them more ripe than I do, and she keeps hers on top of the fridge. Since she is in Hawaii, they weren’t going to get eaten.

“Dork-o” LOL!! We go through bananas so fast they don’t have time to get brown.

ps. the banana’s are in the mail 😛

hahaha… but that’s how I keep cars guessing! And Mike… since I don’t plan it before hand, he doesn’t know the area, and is a good 2 min/mile faster than me. Heh =)

I just came across your blog from Kahuna’s site. Keep up the good work with your training and racing – you sound like a busy girl.

Welcome Donald! I checked out your blog briefly as well…. sorry about Western States (I couldn’t find a way to comment there). I’d love to do that one sone day as well. Of course, that means I have to actually make it to my first Ultra… I’ve hoped to this year and last and had a single foot injury (that I should have let heal better) stop those plans.

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