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OMG so sexy! (and a great weekend)

So my bike is about ready for Vineman… (click here for a bigger pic. You can ignore the mess in the picture… we are also in the middle of moving and have to be done the weekend after Vineman so you can imagine the craziness) I still need an adapter for the presta valve so…

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mmm bike

My bike is getting totally sexified for Vineman. It’s gonna be so hott… I just hope I don’t get so distracted by it that I forget to pedal! Upgrades round 1: new Continental Grand Prix tires (black) and a new xlab rear bottle cage setup! The color isn’t great in the pic (phone camera) but…

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tapering thoughts

I typed the title, and then read it not as “thoughts about tapering” but that my thoughts themselves are tapering off. I figured it works, given how sucky I have been about maintaining my online personality lately. Sorry, I’ll be back more reliably someday. However, it is taper time. And I’m finding it hard to…

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