done done donedone

It’s in the mail… Jer, Lisa and I have now been committed. To Vineman (then we’ll see where else they commit us to…). It should be awesome!

Ran this morning, and it went alright. It was basically still dark, and with some tunes on very low and the morning noises it was calming and great. Slow, but good (51 minutes, 4.32 miles, 11:52 moving pace with avg HR ~149). That average is a bit off, because my HR monitor was having a hard time keeping a connection. I think because it was cold and I was going easy so I wasn’t sweating. Everytime I noticed there was no HR I had to rewet the sensors (mmm mmm spit) and then it worked for a bit, but it would start with 224 first, which raised the average. I guess the Forerunner accounts for that in its data since my laps show averages of 140, 142, 144, 145, and then just the last .36 miles with 148. Huh. Anyways… it was great to be out in the morning, and something I’ll have to repeat.

Then I got home, showered, and bike commuted. I had a meeting at the exact time I make it to work with the train, so I knew it would be a throwing clothes on and going day, and I wondered how that would go. Worked out ok, though. Bike was a bit painful — my right side was completely spasmy and mad. Oh well. It was still a nice ride, and I did enjoy it (45 minutes, 10 miles, 13.4 avg mph, 159 avg HR). And I wasn’t even the last person to my meeting =)

And now? Now I must repeat this morning’s ride to get back to the train station, and then it’s gonna be another night of core work on the train 😉

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