The 3 Little Applications that CAN

There are 3 Vineman apps sitting next to me right now. Just gotta walk across the street to the postoffice either today or tomorrow (depending on time) and then Lisa, Jer and I will be set!

This weekend was fun. Jer came out here, and he and Lisa and I went for a bike ride around Bonelli on Saturday, and then for yummy bagels! Sunday he and I went for about a 13 mile run with a lot of climbing and being all good with our heart rates. It was fun… nice to know another of you TriFuel crazies in person and to have a face to put to the name. Wooo crazy tribuddies!

Heart rate running can suck it. Yesterday was long, I was tired. I was
stressed with karate school junk, and tried to run when I had a dead hour
since a student didn’t bother to show up. According to my training
plan, it was a 30-60 min run at zone 2 HR (60-70% of my max, or
118-137). I’ll just say that I can keep my HR in that zone at a walk
after an easy run most of the time, and I was stressed and wanted to
just pound the pavement into submission, but instead got to slow jog and walk
since I just couldn’t keep my HR that low. The stressed part wasn’t
helping the HR, nor was the beeping of of the HR monitor as I was over.
I need to talk to my coach, cause I also justfelt like I was not
getting a workout at all, and I don’t know if I care to do that for
40-60 min again tomorrow. I train to get better, but also to have fun.
And that was at a level that was not fun because I didn’t get to find
my stride at all, and had to walk too much. It meant my pace was crazy
slow, too. Part is that we are using the 220-age HR max formula until
we can calculate mine, and with that max my 4 miles at 85% test was
easy for me and I felt I could go way faster. I know that’s not all
good, cause I should be training slow, but I just worry that it is too
slow for me improving. But I stuck with it for the whole 35 minutes or whatever it was…

This morning’s swim helped make up for it though. 500 yd warmup, 10x200yds, and then a 500 yd cooldown. I think it’s the
farthest I’ve ever swam in a workout on my own — just over 1.7 miles, with a total
time of 1 hr and 10 min. That however included a break to get some
paperwork from Lisa for Vineman and the rests between the 200s. It’s
nice to have a training plan to follow for swimming, since I did like that part of the master’s program. I even swam part with Lisa (I was late so she was done before I was), and it’s great to have some one expecting to see you and help you get up at 4 am… However, it was
supposed to be by heart rate zones, and as I didn’t want to swim with
my Forerunner 301, I was guestimating it so was probably at too high of
a rate for most of it. I just felt in place, and in my zone, and like
everything would be ok. Which yes, it will be. It’s just one of those
weeks it can be hard to see that. But the water, yet again, felt like
home and did that whole “water soothing” stuff on me again. I smell of
much chlorine today, and my skin and eyes are hating life, but it was

Oh, and my coach recommends waiting on both the 50k and 50 miler til after Vineman. Since I want to do well there, that’s probably going to be the plan.

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