mmm bike

My bike is getting totally sexified for Vineman. It’s gonna be so hott… I just hope I don’t get so distracted by it that I forget to pedal!

Upgrades round 1: new Continental Grand Prix tires (black) and a new xlab rear bottle cage setup! The color isn’t great in the pic (phone camera) but the bottle cages are the exact same bright red as the flowers!
Bike ass

And yet to come… hed3 wheels for race day! A trispoke front, and a disc rear!! In the bike shop yesterday I made some comment about not being sure when the next tri would be, and that being why I never ended up making my race wheel order. And they were like hey use these wheels for the race! And I said ok 🙂 They are clinchers, so I don’t even have to worry about the whole tubular and unknown flat changes type issues. Woooo! There will totally be pics once that set up is in place.

It’s helping me get more excited about this race to think of just how dang fast that bike is going to look. Now I just hope I can do it proud!

5 thoughts on “mmm bike

Whoo! I’m jealous about the wheels. Have had my xLab setup for the last year or so…once you’re used to it, you’ll love it : )
Still trying to find a reasonable last minute flight out there.

you and your last minute flights…
well if you do find one and end up coming out, I’m already doing an airport run Friday morning…

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