OMG so sexy! (and a great weekend)

So my bike is about ready for Vineman…

(click here for a bigger pic. You can ignore the mess in the picture… we are also in the middle of moving and have to be done the weekend after Vineman so you can imagine the craziness)

I still need an adapter for the presta valve so that I can pump up the tires with my emergency CO2 pump or with my floor pump (as neither fit in the openings on those wheels). Other outstanding issues are that Trader Joe’s stopped carrying the fruit leather I like to eat while riding, but I have a few so will just make do. Also, the bike rack I was supposed to borrow I went to pickup today. And found it was missing straps to attach it to the car. The bike shop boys are not happy (a lady returned it that way and they didn’t notice). So I’m looking for another one… I have some people to ask and have my fingers crossed. But goggles – check, bike – check, bike and run shoes – check. Looks like we are (almost) ready!

This weekend has basically rocked. Outside tris a friend turned 29 and we definitely celebrated on Friday night. I made it home and into bed by 2:45ish AM though. Got up at 6:30 for an easy 30 mile ride yesterday morning — it was nice and easier than I expect on that lack of sleep, and generally felt good. Except I noticed that my cables for the front derailer were having issues — like bubbling the bar tape where the housing went under. John has fixed it for me though (and replaced the old cable housing with red, adding some sexxiness to the bike.

And somewhat outside tris I went to a BBQ at Mike Donia’s (a very speedy IMer and other racer… like IMAZ 05 and Kona qualification and sub-10 fast – and cute as a bonus). Also there were Rich Strauss (of Crusible Fitness) and his wife, and Rich of and his girlfriend. It was great to talk to them and just relax. Rich of remembers you, Libor :). Definitely good people, and a great time.

Ended up not getting much sleep last night either… seems like about 3 hours is gonna be my limit this weekend. At least sleep isn’t important in taper time :-/ and I will be better about it for the rest of the week. I didn’t feel the lack on the 10 mile run today at all. In fact, I got a bit excited and went a bit hard (it might be the fastest pace I’ve ever held for a run that long – was sub-10 min miles) but my knee and food both felt great! I have a theory on that it relates to how just awesome my weekend was outside of tris and in them =)

8 thoughts on “OMG so sexy! (and a great weekend)

Sweet bike Kylie. Looks super fast! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Now get some sleep this week will ya! =)

I third the bike and am jealous of the wheel setup! You have a screamin’ machine there Kylie. Sleep and rest up well, get those muscles itching to g o and you’ll go very well. Sorry that the move is on at the same time. Seems to add more stress to it all huh?

It’s weird how the community is so small and people know each other huh? Rich from called me about some customes thing last week. Seems like a nice guy; and then you meet him and…..small world!

I’m lucky… our current and new landlords rock, and are giving us bonus days around our official move in/move out days. It should be a fairly stress-free move. None of that packing stuff is mine… I haven’t started. Don’t really plan to pack, just move carloads of stuff. It’s just under 2 miles down the street.

It all goes back to the 6 degrees of Beads 😉

I can’t wait to ride the bike today!! And then take a nap…

Hot! Woo! I think Dan should give you those wheels. He couldn’t ask for better advertisement than to have you riding around on them. Oh wait, never mind…you’ll be to much of a blur for anyone to actually see Foothill Cyclery on them!

Sigh…Hobbes is going to be jealous. 😛

haha… blur… I’ll try! I think he should give them to me, too! I did tell him not to worry if I never show up at the bike shop again, cause I might just keep riding forever.

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