Month: June 2005

watch for parked cars, aka OUCH

Great bike ride this weekend… at least what I remember of it… Club ride for Summer Solstice: 122 mile loop from Newport Beach to Carlsbad and back. I also rode to the start from home (another 10 miles). However, my club ride ended at about mile 50 in Oceanside. I remember riding through Camp Pendleton,…

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bumpy tires

So after the amount of fun I had in the adventure race, I've seriously been looking for a mountain bike (I had been sorta looking at getting one since around Christmas). I tried out one (a Cannondale SuperV500) but didn't really like how it felt. It just seemed kinda like more of my energy went…

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Tales of My First Adventure Race

Big Blue 24 Santa Monica Mountains Race Report The short version: It rocked for 25:15 hours, for a finish of 25:45. The long version (yes, very long): I come from a running, then a tri background. Erich works at REI and comes from a running and climbing and hiking background. I met him at the…

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