… is freakin' awesome!

Woke up easily and don't feel like the walking dead, so it looks like I'm back to a decent amount of sleep. Got to swim practice, and the water was helping me cheat! I'm not sure how. But it felt awesome. One of the sets we did was 12 100s where we sprinted one, chilled one, sprinted one, etc. I'm used to my strong hundreds being around 1:50, a few seconds under that on a good day. Today I hit 1:37, 1:35, 1:34, 1:33, 1:32, and 1:31!! I got faster the more tired I was!! And the easy 100s? *They* were at about 1:50-1:54. It was a great boost, 'cause I'd been starting to feel like those few weeks of less swimming had been a big set-back and was getting frustrated with my progress.

Then karate… there was a new girl there. Since the two girls I often work with were both missin today, we were partners. And it was a lot of fun. Did kempos, sparring drills, good stuff. Learned really cool sparring footwork stuff, and was able to pull it off well — even in front of the group where I usually get too nervous! I got punched in the face and it kinda felt good, but I probably shouldn't say things like that.

Came home, and am working from here today. Then off to see a cute adventure race boy for a fun training weekend! Wooo!

And now… off to grab some ice. I think either I swam to fast for my own arm, or (more likely) it got a bit hyperextended at karate. But damn today feels good!

Oh, and other exciting news! There is a lady I work with who races
mountain bikes… on a sponsored team and everything. And they want me
to join! They need a new beginner or sport class person, and from what
she knows of my fitness and desire to learn more mountain biking I was
recommended and have now talked to the owner! I might get to meet them
this weekend.

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