yup… crazy

Sometimes things I do make sense to me, and not to other people. Not so this time… even *I* think the next 2 weekends are a crazy idea.

So… tomorrow morning I’m meeting up with some REI people I know, and we are off to Morro Bay for an ocean kayaking/hiking/running/camping/adventure race training trip.

Next weekend it looks like we’ll (well 2 of us, 4 are going on the trip) be racing at the Big Blue 24 Hour Adventure Race.

Yes, I have some endurance built up. But I haven’t gone on a long bike ride since the IM. And this is mountain biking, which I’ve done about 3 times ever, a max of about 15 miles. And I’ve never kayaked (open water… did some lake kayaking and learned I can’t paddle at the last adventure race). Or camped. Or done navigation stuff. So yeah… interesting times 😉

And I’m sooooo excited!!! 🙂

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