and the name is…

Last Minute Wonder Kids

Given that both of us are a bit younger than people we meet at the races, and how we are still figuring out what bikes we’ll be riding and the race is this weekend, it seems appropriate 😉

And the story of how we found it:

Erich mentions “Oh! I have to finish emailing in our info in the next
20 minutes… We still need a name.” So I hand him the composite list of all the ideas given to me and asked if
he liked any of ’em. I didn’t really have a strong favorite. And Liz
turns and says “If you guys take any longer we’re just going to have to
call you two the Last Minute Wonder Kids” and we both liked it more
than the others (fits us pretty damn well) and so… it is done 🙂

Thanks for all the great ideas though TdB!

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