name help!

So I’m doing an adventure race this weekend, and need a team name… It’s a team of 2. He works at REI, I work at ESRI (a mapping company). I’d like something that could be used in more adventure races this season (same team) and so not necessarily specific to that course… here are ideas so far:

  • Gotta Do It (story: old guy at swim practice says it before each set and is a good motivator)
  • Twenty-four finds me (line from Switchfoot’s “24”)
  • compass and trails and waves… oh my
  • A walk in the hills
  • Table for 2
  • RE(SR)I

Help me pick! What’s your favorite of those, or what ideas do you have? We need a name by this afternoon… we are a late reg team able to get in because of the REI association… THANKS!

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