my shoes have claws!

Got my first pair of trail runners… damn they are hott!

(Brooks Cascadia)

They also feel great… ran to and from karate last night. They feel
fine on roads, but when I hit a dirt loop just to test ’em out…
oooooh! It was damn good! They just grip… I felt like I was flying. When I looked down at my current pace, I actually was. My run home (the “easy, relaxed, I just had a karate workout” one) was faster and felt way easier than the way there. Partly because downhill, and because I was warmed up a bit more. But I know part was also that wonderful feeling of gripping dirt! They should be perfect for the race this weekend!

Speaking of that race, we have almost all our gear together. The amount of help that Liz and some other REI folks are giving me is awesome… I guess there are still good people out there 😉

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