watch for parked cars, aka OUCH

Great bike ride this weekend… at least what I remember of it…

ride for Summer Solstice: 122 mile loop from Newport Beach to Carlsbad and back.
I also rode to the start from home (another 10 miles).

However, my club
ride ended at about mile 50 in Oceanside. I remember riding through Camp
Pendleton, but nothing from there until I was in the final hospital room I would
spend the night in…

I'm ok — 6-12 stitches in my chin, concussion,
plenty of bruises and sore things, and both wrists and thumbs either sprained or
broken (I'll find out more there this week).

From what I've learned, I
hit a parked car. My bike looks mostly ok (broken the right aerobar in half and
messed up handle bars) but I have to get it checked out. Based on the rest of
the ride, my best guess is that I looked down to try to figure out what was
going on with my gears.

Stephen (my roommate) was awesome and brought me pjs and
underwear Saturday night! Then he sat with me for some amount of time, holding
my hand as I slept, and looking at my bruises each time I'd forget he'd seen
'em. Holly and Andy (close friends) were great and came and ended up getting to take me home on
Sunday and spent some time with me. Holly even helped me take a bath and get
some of the riding junk and the hospital junk off. Members of the bike club
(John who I had been riding with, Bill the founder/prez, and Wayne) also all
helped me or just called to see how I was. Lance also came to see me right as they let me go home.

So typing kinda sucks so this
is all for now… And oh, here are some links for your clicking

Here are a few
pics from this morning.

Motionbased has the gps version of the
crash. Sign in as friendbear with my first name as the password, go to the trail
network and on June 25th there is a BCI Summer Solstice Ride posted by kyillee
(cycling > road, and training, and in CA if you want to use the quick

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