bumpy tires

So after the amount of fun I had in the adventure race, I've seriously been looking for a mountain bike (I had been sorta looking at getting one since around Christmas). I tried out one (a Cannondale SuperV500) but didn't really like how it felt. It just seemed kinda like more of my energy went into making it bouncy than into the pedals. And knowing me, I'd rather have to deal with a few more bumps than give up power on uphills since I don't have much (if any) of that to spare.

Then I tried Lance's Klein, and it felt way more bike-y, and I was more comfortable on it. So that told me it wasn't just that mountain bikes feel different (this one was also full suspension). And then this week Lance got a new frame, and so it looks like he'll be selling his Klein with all the components it came with (he had upgraded them when he got it). So… I might end up buying it from him. I know it works for the kinds of races I want to do on it, and that's what he has used it for. And he is a way better mountain biker than I am, so it should be ok for that as well. I was able to ride it the other day, but we are going to make sure it fits me once we have the other components on it. I'm excited!

Here are a few pictures of the bike in action during an XTerra event Lance did… mmm cute boy and sexy bike!

Oh, and the training weekend was awesome as well 🙂

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