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Nanny Goat split times

This will mostly be for me, but  below are my split times from the Nanny Goat 100 Mile race. I put them here since I’m not sure how long the online list of them will remain. 100 —– time of day/mile time (lap pace) 8:14:36 8:24:06/9:30 8:34:03/9:57 8:43:46/9:43 8:54:06/10:20 9:04:10/10:04 9:14:11/10:01 9:24:26/10:15 9:35:20/10:54 9:45:02/9:42 9:54:45/9:43 10:04:27/9:42…

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todo list

Well, I’m back from IMC! It was amazing amazing amazing! I am so so proud of so many people, both those I know and those I just met while there. And I can’t wait for next year and to see some of those faces (of races and volunteers) again! It was an awesome volunteering experience,…

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