A whole other endurance event

I recently was honored to be invited to the wedding of a lady I run with and am proud to call a friend, and the man who will be her partner for life that I hope to get to know better. It was a lovely ceremony, but a few things in particular stand out to me. The look on his face as he watched the wedding party entering. Seeing and loving but really looking beyond, wanting the glimpse of that beautiful lady that agreed to be with him forever. Unconditionally devoting herself to him.

Some great quotes during the ceremony as well. In particular, as Allie’s pastor introduced Dale’s pastor, and said “I won” since he got to do the vows. And lovingly mocked the long wait for the right person — but that it was completely right. Oh and reminded Allie to let him sometimes keep up on runs 🙂

Also memorable for me was the father-daughter dance. Not their faces, although they were pure love. But how their silhoutte danced across the projected pictures of Allie’s childhood projected on the side of the church.

I left feeling full of love, thankful I was invited to be part of such a wonderful beginning of their new life together, and committing to make the most of the partnership I happily celebrated almost 3 years ago this weekend. Allie and Dale, thanks for sharing your day, and wishing you all the best through all the good and challenging times to come!

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Kylie, you are so sweet and you honor us! We were thrilled to have you come to the wedding and do look forward to spending time with you guys soon. Love you! Allie and Dale

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