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Well, I’m back from IMC! It was amazing amazing amazing! I am so so proud of so many people, both those I know and those I just met while there. And I can’t wait for next year and to see some of those faces (of races and volunteers) again! It was an awesome volunteering experience, and I will definitely do it again.

As for the todo list, I know, I also owe a Vineman race report. And more IMC details.

But for now, it is almost bedtime, and I will have to leave it at this for now. But I did sign up for IMC 2010, along with Mike and other good friends (both online — well originally online, as I met many this trip — and triclub). It’s going to be an awesome year. Marky, get my butt well-kicked so that I earn a finishline hug! 😉

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