not for a lack of trying

Having not felt great all week, I wasn’t sure about the Saturday run. But it had been too long since I ran with the group, and I missed the friendly faces! So I sucked it up, woke up, and got ready. It was a bit damp looking, so I layered a pink long-sleeved top under my lime green Croom Fools Run shirt. I promise I won’t wear it every run forever… and yes, it has some pink in the design so I did match. Although, as Mike asked when I was getting ready, “Why are there two lights on?” referring to both the bedroom light and my beautiful green/pink glow 🙂 Two little girl dogs hadn’t had a run in a while, so I grabbed two leashes and put some excited puppies into the car with me, and we were off.

Oddly, the farther east I got during my just-under-2-mile drive, the wetter it got. There were actual raindrops by the time I reached Panera. But it was still good to be out, and it was a huge group today! Some who just returned from Boston, some prepping for the OC marathon next week, and some who didn’t realize it was wet and were ready for a cold run. Luckily the weather only got nicer! Unfortunately, my lungs were still not all there, so I was smart and called it a day at about 3 miles. The girls and I walked a bit under 2 miles back, and then I took them home. But I wasn’t about to skip on the fun part, so I grabbed my Croom mug and headed back to Panera for some chatter. I really do love Saturday mornings!

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