Tinman Triathlon

The Tinman is a long running local reverse order sprint — 5k run, 9 mile bike, and then a 100yd pool swim. Although it has been around for over 20 years, this was the first time Mike and I had done it. Again we were there with the Exceeding Expectations kids, and some of our friends, Heidi and Bjorn from ESRI and run group, as well as Joe, Andrea, and Gus of run club, were all there. The exciting part was that it was the first tri for a number of the EE kids, as well as for Heidi, Andrea, and Gus! So they were all excited and nervous.

The race course was a bit crazy — parts through campus and part on streets and parts not really marked, so I know some people added a bit to the run (like Mike) but it was basically flat, although some false flats. It was not my best run. My legs felt heavy and tired and I just didn’t want to run. I actually felt at one point that I should just cut back across campus and I’d be there in time to cheer for people. But the stubborn part of me wasn’t listening, and somehow I kept running. And thankfully the run was soon over, and I was on my bike. Where I felt pretty good. There was a big hill, and I just rode it — pushing pushing pushing. I passed Heidi on the way up, and cheered for her, and saw Mike heading back, and cheered for him. And caught Bjorn at about halfway through the bike. And I had a nice little train drafting off me for a while — stupidheads! So I just went a bit harder, and soon was on my own again. Back to transition, and someone had left her bike on my goggles (I should have pushed it over — it was the same lady who pushed an EE kid out of “her way” in the start area). So it took me a second to grab them and run to the pool and I swam pretending I was Marky 😉 The pool felt really good since it was getting warm out! Done with the swim, I saw a girl walking just ahead. So I kept up my run, knowing the finish was a little ways off still. I passed her, and finished strong.

Tinman, June 28, 2009

55:04 — 1/ W25-29, and 4th woman overall (out of 153)! Oh, also 46/442 overall.

I was proud to see Heidi get 2nd in our age group at her first tri! And Mike won overall yet again 🙂 It was a good day for all of us.

2 thoughts on “Tinman Triathlon

Way to go, Ky!! Can’t wait to read the Barb’s RR as well. Although, seriously, some woman actually pushed a kid? charming. And one of these days I’ll update my now very out-of-date blog, too!

Thanks T! Yeah it was kinda a shock to me when she did that — esp. since the kid was a nervous little girl talking to me as the “oh so important” (but not important enough to line up at the start on time) lady pushed on in.

Hopefully Barb’s will be up by the end of the week — although with the amount of work to do on my master’s project, I should probably wait 😉

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