Month: July 2007

umm no

So leaving CVS with new boxes of bandages, Mike was slowly getting into the car and the lady parked next to us walked up. She said not to worry, and then saw his wrapped leg and told him to take care of his knee and again not to hurry… she wouldn’t run over him. And…

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Vineman 70.3 half Ironman race report — LOOONG

Wow. Where to start… This race report is going to be long. And tough. Kinda like the day. There was the good, the bad, and the ugly. Guess I’ll just keep it how the day played out, but we’ll start a bit before Sunday. Since this was a ‘B’ race (secondary focus for the year)…

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thank you

I needed a hott date, and I got one. Rode up to Santa Barbara with Mike. Sure, we missed one turn, and it added about 8.5 miles. But it was a great day, and ended with yummy food in Santa Barbara, a train ride home, and then… yes, more yummy food. Mmm tuna melt! Totals:…

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