umm no

So leaving CVS with new boxes of bandages, Mike was slowly getting into the car and the lady parked next to us walked up. She said not to worry, and then saw his wrapped leg and told him to take care of his knee and again not to hurry… she wouldn’t run over him. And laughed lightly, as Mike shut the door. I turned to him. “Um… not funny to me about that one”.

3 thoughts on “umm no

That one took me a second. D’oh! If only she knew… Poor Mike. How’s he doing?

Yeah… it took him a second, too. 😉

He’s doing much better. Last night asked if he could ride with me this morning. I said no. He said he guesses he’ll wait for the weekend… I’m going to make sure he is good though and doesn’t push too hard. His leg still looks gross… I should post a picture.

He should have said “it wouldn’t be the first time”. 😉 Gotta find some humor in it right?!

He must be feeling better if he’s wanting to do some riding. Although he may want to avoid drug testing for a while. Evidently crashing causes the detection of someone elses blood!

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