too much free time?

Well I finished my application for the University of Redlands Masters in GIS program. Which I thought was needed by July 31st. Turns out it was by sometime last week (due to the work fellowship program I’m also applying for). Well after that stress of yesterday, and due to some awesome work by my editor Holly and my favorite prof from college Geoff, I got everything in this morning. And got my unofficial acceptance letter this afternoon!

Guess all those free hours from not training for an IM might already be claimed…

Oh and yes, tris were a big part of the personal statement as my GIS interest was greatly increased by using a GPS in training 😉

4 thoughts on “too much free time?

What you don’t know is that the director of the university does triathlons, that’s why you got accepted so soon!!! hahaha.
Good luck w/ program & Good luck @ Vinemam.


Have seen people here at the office using Arc GIS and looks interesting. Let me know how everything goes.

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