I’m in…

for the Woodlands 101 in November. Any other takers?

3 thoughts on “I’m in…

Sounds like you’re making some progress kiddo. It’s SO interesting following people and seeing improvements after all these years hehe. Injuries and all. Hope the foot feels better soon.

Foot is feeling MUCH better. Now off to see how the body likes the heat… it’s only 97 degrees F right now (36.1 celsius) =O

Hey….thanks for checking out my infant blog…..I’ve got yours saved and today will be a perfect day to run through it…….raining on a holiday!

So you are coming to Texas………there is a slight chance I can make it work, but I am planning on being in Austin that weekend. I know several people who are signed up, and they are all really looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy it.

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