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PowerTap night 1 & day 1 — the setup & the first ride

Santa came early and dropped off PowerTap SL 2.4 wheels (the wireless version) for Mike and me! A number of people have expressed interest in our learning process with them, so I’m going to blog our progress of getting up to speed and learning to make the most out of them in our training. We…

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Ironman Louisville (IM KY) 2007 – PR!!

Ten months ago I signed up both Mike and myself for Ironman Louisville (aka IMKY). Starting soon after I began my training with Mike’s guidance – getting in more, and more quality, training than ever before. A week ago it was time, and we travelled out to Kentucky for the big day. Vineman 70.3 had…

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umm no

So leaving CVS with new boxes of bandages, Mike was slowly getting into the car and the lady parked next to us walked up. She said not to worry, and then saw his wrapped leg and told him to take care of his knee and again not to hurry… she wouldn’t run over him. And…

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