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Having the job of packing tonight makes IMKY seem really really real. I’ve gotten a number of wishes for good luck both for me and Mike — thanks all 🙂 For those of you who want to track us, I’m #604, he’s #527.

Some thoughts going into this race, about what I’ve done differently than other years:

  1. Biking mileage — this was my biggest change from a training perspective. I’ve done multiple 100+ mile rides, including a 120. And never felt completely and totally drained after a ride.
  2. Really trained nutrition — I’ve found my happy place with liquids and a couple gels.
  3. Brought the run speed up — base is good, but you have to move beyond it at some point, too.
  4. Pool with a purpose — there were workouts with a speed focus, others with technique, drills, etc. But I knew what I was going for, and am more comfortable in the pool than I ever have been.
  5. Pampered myself — massages were a regular thing (every other week at least for legs), as were chiro adjustments. I have now felt how much more comfortable a desk job, commuting, and hard training can be.
  6. Had a partner in crime — Thanks Mike. You are amazing… wonderful… awesome… I’m the luckiest 🙂

I had a motto as I started this whole round of training and such. It reads: Stronger Passion Faster Desire. I think I lived up to it: I did workouts with a purpose and got stronger while listening to my body. I kept the passion alive: there was no dark zone where I just didn’t want to train. I looked forward to most workouts, and most of them ended with a smile — I never had a couple weeks where I just didn’t bother logging onto Trifuel because I wasn’t interested. The passion was definitely there. The miles and miles and miles on the bike, and time in the pool and running has been paying off: if Vineman 70.3 is any prediction, I’m definitely faster. And I still have that desire for a certain boy, despite all the time we’ve had together so far. I can’t wait to chase him! But I better not pass him like at Vineman 70.3!

Oh and if you feel like you are getting tired Sunday, please just accept it. I will be pulling some of my strength and power from your thoughts and maybe legs 🙂

10 thoughts on “packing tonight

I will be sending all my strength to you that day!!!

I also called the “Trifuel Spririts” during my A race last saturday (so if you felt tired on saturday….that was it!)

Good luck, pray to the IM gods. May the water part, the wind be at your back, and a people mover be installed on your race route. I’ll be checking in on you guys.

Great job on the swim! From what I’ve read, it was a difficult time out there. Both you and Mike are looking good! Can’t wait to see the next update!

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