Month: November 2006

frozen fish

I smell like chlorine. The lifeguard laughed at me this morning when I ran from the locker room to the pool toys, grabbed a pull buoy, and ran to the edge of the pool where I immediately sat down and put my feet in the water. The pool deck was so cold it hurt. But…

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putting the tough in Thanksgiving workouts

Because it is just a different kind of tough. First there is the motivation tough — the whole family is around, and the kitchen smells great, and you get to put on those damn running clothes and go off and sweat. I spent a few of the days over the break out near Tucson at…

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heat wave??

Yup, Southern CA is having a bit of a heat wave and it’s about 84F now. I never would have thought that the hardest part of my afternoon 4.5 mile run in MID NOVEMBER would be the heat! I had to find a few water fountains along it, which in a way was good since…

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