uh oh here comes the weather….

It was a dark and stormy morning. Well, ok… it was a light and partially cloudy morning. It was the kind of morning BBB would laugh at, or maybe celebrate. The air was dry at home, but once on the road I came to a MIST!!! OH NO!! Yes, a mist. If you don’t think that is scary, you’ve never been on an LA freeway with the first one in a while. A bit farther down the road… it got to enough moisture that I actually set my windshield wipers to intermitant, instead of just manually having them wipe once every and a while. But I made it to work! And actually, once most of the way here, there was again little moisture in the air and I could see more blue sky. Oh well… one of these days I’ll get a rain run in.

This weekend I biked… about 20 miles Saturday, and about 45 Sunday. But the Sunday miles were harder ones… I did more climbing in that ride than I had done so far this month (yes, I checked — I’m a geek). It was about 5500 ft of climbing. Up GMR, part way over to Baldy, and then back to the top of GMR. See, I was supposed to meet Mike there 2:15 into my ride (and a lot more into his). But he wasn’t there,and wasn’t there, and wasn’t there. So I headed down the back of GMR, hoping a bend would show me him working his way up. Nope. I asked a motor-biker if they had seen any pedal bikes working their way up, and they had seen one guy — stopped, his bike beside him. Looking like he was reading something. My legs tired, I sigh, and continue farther down the mountain. A mile or so down I see Mike, slowly climbing up. I was glad — being a girl, I had worried. He was just tired. Ended up that he’d ridden more than was planned. When the bike had gone by, he had stopped to get in some food. Was reading the nutrition info on a snickers 😉 I climbed back up with him, and we reached the top 3 hours into my ride. And then it was a long, gloreous downhill! wheeeeeeee

A stop at the bike shop left me with an adjustable stem to see what angle one I need to order, and on reaching home after that Mike had put about 98 miles on his bike for the day. What a slacker! Ok really I was jealous, and thinking how lucky I am that he likes me!

6 thoughts on “uh oh here comes the weather….

I tried putting my windshield wipers on intermittant then remembered that I don’t have any. Sigh. 😛 I miss running in the rain too. It’s been ages.

Maybe you should put a gps tracking device on Mike so you can see where he’s at! Or tie a really long balloon to his bike.

hehehe… I like the balloon idea!! But then he might cheat and fly up mountains, and I have a hard enough time keeping him within a mountain range as it is 🙂

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