I’m baaaaaack. Ok, well I was never really gone. But I’m writing again. Many rides and runs, and even a few swims, have passed since I last wrote. Hmm… the new bigger things…

swim: going pretty well. I really really like working with Karen (a friend and, as it turns out, an awesome coach!). She’s also the person behind TriSwim hair stuff (which I’ve loved even before I knew her). I am feeling like I’m getting smoother in the water, and defintely starting to feel more in the groove. Now to just make it too the pool more often… 🙂

bike: all about who you associate with, right? I’ve done a ride with the UCLA men’s cycling team (their post-race ride one day, tough for me!) and a few rides with a friend who is on their team (Brian). In fact, while I think he has done wonderful things to my cycling, I might have convinced him to do the Aquabike full at Vineman (bad ankle = no running for him). I feel more comfortable on the bike, and am really liking the bike commute as the start to mornings. It’s getting warm enough here that I might need to start wearing a tank jersey! Today it was just short sleeves, and no armwarmers or underlayer was needed (I took it off on the train). The other day I realized I had no meeting, so I extended the ride to work by climbing for an extra 3.5 miles. It was great.

run: I’ve been slacking a bit in this one. It’s my strongest, so that shouldn’t completely kill me. But I need to get in a nice long run this weekend. Oh, and I need to get my foot checked out to see if I really have a swollen/pulled/strained tendon in the top/outside of it (I have the MRI referal… now to just make the appointment). However, it doesn’t hurt when I run — in fact, running makes it feel stronger. But things like sitting indian style or walking or standing a lot sometimes hurt (I know I know… so don’t do it… my mom always says that), as does unclipping on the bike. Of course, it’s on my main clip-out side.

Life: I’m in a good mood today. Work has been a bit crazy for a few weeks (thus the lack of posting as I craved breaks from computers after 60ish hour weeks) but it’s calming down a bit, and I still like what I do. In fact, I think the bike commute makes me like it even more. I’ve been spending more time with friends lately, which is nice. And cheering at races (mainly bike ones, but also CA 1/2 IM). Good times… good times. Actually, why wouldn’t I be in a good mood today? I smell like chlorine, there are bike clothes drying on the chair behind me, and my commuter bike is waiting for me in the hallway =)

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It IS great weather we’re having now, huh? Perfect weather right now for riding in. I ran in shorts and a t-shirt last night was hot and thought I better start wearing my tanks to run in. 🙂 Happy training.

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