gals of slowtwitch training camp

Ok, so I’m not really a trifuel trader… I actually post on trifuel, but very rarely on ST. However, the gals training weekend is in my backyard (about 1.5 hours away) so I decided to go. I’m there now — it’s Thursday (yesterday) through Sunday. Up in Valermo where Dan Empfield (of Slowtwitch and QR and tribike fame) and Mark Montgomery (who was a pro) have a great setup of housing and training routes and food and everything we could need.

Lots of girls and bikes and exercise… So far a run yesterday, a bike this am, a swim this afternoon, and some possible plans for a run this evening. And Emilio DeSoto (of DeSoto tri clothing) bought us all lunch. He brought some clothes stuff and we get to check it out later.

Oh and on my ride today my bike was still having chain issues and hopping a bit. Emilio was able to fix it though! He said it sounded like it could be a tight link or one slighly off (since it was a new chain and new cassette) and by just putting lateral pressure on it fixed it, and it was great the rest of the ride! So the ride was good.

Good times 🙂

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