baaaaad Sat and great Sun

First training reminder: I’ve always loved the run of tris. I love the feeling of getting off the bike, and just me and the ground spending time together. Yet lately it’s the run workouts I’ve been missing?? I just don’t get it. Gotta fix it though — sometimes I get too confident about not losing run base as my low mileage times seem to have had a 13 mile run as the long run for over a year now. Well if I don’t get in more long runs soon that’s gonna be gone. And I’d rather not have to get it back. So cheers for running!

Ok so this weekend was pretty cool. I was baaaaaad on Saturday. Got up late, as it was raining and I was planning a brick. It was supposed to clear up, but I wanted to go watch a collegiate cycling crit less than a mile from my house. I could have done the long run planned for Sunday, but instead I sat around and read. Then I felt lazy, and I was craving the pool, so I headed to the gym (it’s awesome to have a closer one finally!). Got in 3400 yds!! And felt comfy and relaxed during and after. Took about 1:12 for the whole thing (500 warmup, 6×400, 500 cooldown) — and I negative split the 400s. After I felt I could just keep going… so that was great!

Then I was more bad (I really should have biked or ran instead of swam)… as I knew there was a big sale at a cycling store nearby. So I headed over. My favorite tires were like 50% off, and I need a new set. I knew I also could use a few more jerseys, especially with all the commuting. And then I got distracted by all the shiny bike stuff… I ended up spending $225! That doesn’t sound bad, until you learn that my total was going to be around $600 if it wasn’t for the great sales!!

My loot:

  • 2 Trek bike helmets (they had an orange one, I couldn’t pass, and the other is officially for my roommate)
  • 1 pair Specialized sport mtn shoes
  • 1 pair specialized road shoes (just like the ones I have that commuting is beating up a bit)
  • 2 Continental Grand Prix 3000 tires
  • 1 pr Pearl Izumi women’s tri shorts
  • 1 pr Louis Garneau tri shorts with matching top
  • 2 sleeveless jerseys
  • 2 short sleeve jerseys
  • water bottle
  • cable and lock

umm… I think that was it. So now I have tons of new stuff to play with… hehe.

Oh and then I went to the college crit and it was fun to see old friends race.

Sunday, however, I had a great brick workout! 55 miles on the bike, and then 40 minutes of running (just over 4 miles). Near the end of the bike my right knee started to get a bit sore, but I kept a high cadence and when I got off the bike and started running it felt just fine. Why is it that my pace right off the bike is faster than normal and feels sooo good? I don’t get why people think bricks are painful (ok, it’s painful, but it feels soooo good). When I got home my friend Brian (who had done the 55 miles with me) and I made yummy yummy BBQ chicken and tortellini! We had earned it 🙂

4 thoughts on “baaaaad Sat and great Sun

I too love bricks, don’t know why people complain about them. Do them enough and it’s no prob. Oh, I am so jealous you got all that cool stuff. Now go run a 20miler! 😛

*grin* 20? I don’t know if my lack of running has made that a bad idea yet… but I want to… I have some cool new loops I want to run (checked ’em out on bike already).

I like your list of new loot too. Very cool stuff. I was in Foothill on Saturday and restrained from buying anything. And at the race on Sunday. It’s funny, but when I was running on Sunday, I thought “I wish I had done the bike to warm up my legs.” Because I like running off the bike too. 🙂 Enjoy the new stuff. Bet you can’t wait to wear it. Just not all at once.

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